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Bulldog Tech Now Accepting Applications!
Posted 02/06/2020 10:04AM

Bulldog Tech is now accepting applications for next year. Bulldog Tech is a middle school that puts students in the center of their learning. Traditionally, we see students as passive recipients of content in school settings. While this practice may temporarily help to take an annual exam, this type of learning does little to foster the skills or determination needed to make an impact in the world later in life. We believe that in order for students to develop life-long learning, a Constructivist approach, which includes collaboration, critical thinking, social contexts, and real-life experiences, is essential. Combine this approach with rigorous and meaningful situations, guided by our state standards, and it results in learning that lasts longer and goes deeper. Students feel like what they are learning makes sense and they can explain why their learning makes sense.

We know that our students are only with us for two years at Bulldog Tech. And we also know that developmentally, these two years are the most important years in shaping skills and mindsets that will carry on for the rest of their lives. At twelve and thirteen years old, before they head off to high school, our goal is to instill a growth mindset (Agency) in our students that sets them on the path to finding their passion for learning.

If you are interested in this as an option for your child in middle school, go to to find out more information and download an application.

The application deadline for the 2020-2021 school year is May 29, 2020. Completed applications and all supporting documents must be turned in to the BulldogTech or LeyVa Middle School Office by the deadline for a student to be included in the lottery. Incomplete applications will not be accepted. If all seats are not filled by May 29, 2020, registration will continue until full, and a waiting list will be maintained.

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